Go Estée

My continuous hunt for the perfect beauty foundation is no news. Sometimes I think my spendthrift trait is hugely dominated by the desire to buy beauty foundations. I kept splurging from one brand to another, claiming ‘this is the foundation’ at the end of each purchase when au contraire, you and I, we both know I did that for the purpose of self-comfort per se. Cute. Ironically, I rarely wear what I bought! I kept the pretty bottles on display; stare at them for hours but not really having the desire to put those liquid on my face. That’s no longer cute. That’s crazy!

So what’s my latest addition you ask? After losing to the persuasion made by a Filipino’s SA in Dubai International Airport, I had Giorgio Armani’s Maestro added in my happy-foundation-family. Nonetheless, it looks pretty alienated alongside its elder siblings because Malaysia did not carry Maestro or the evergreen Luminous Silk. Imagine a snobbish GA stood in between ranges available in Malaysian market, didn’t bother to say hi also. Aka-awkward. And truth be told, I am not so happy with the result considering Maestro is highly-rated by many beauty bloggers around the world. That’s when I decided to settle down with the not-so-alien beauty foundation. I needed a name that is extremely familiar and classic. Or maybe that is just another reason to buy a new one. Maybe.

After conducting a thorough research, I decided to give Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation a try. A legendary heritage, loved by starlets and average women on general scale. I must admit I was a lil bit shocked upon discovering Estée Lauder was a tip top in the list because I thought this range belongs to the elder group! But now they have Kendall as their muse, I cast my doubt away and pretty confident that sooner or later Kendall’s spirit will be in moi as well! Muahaha


So now it has been almost three weeks since I have this foundation in my possession. Oh! Previously I had some dramatic moment in Sephora when the SA insisted me to buy the new MUFE’s Ultra HD Foundation instead of Estée Lauder’s. He argued the former gives a more natural coverage, top the Sephora’s must-buy list, EL’s gonna make my skin drier, yadaaa yadaa…Kiasu no? But I politely declined and told him I already had my eye on EL from my extraordinarily detailed research, and if you are poisoning my mind to buy something else then I might end up buying nothing (and need more days for a new research). He gave in.

So far, I am happy with my purchase. I had mine in the shade 3W1 Tawny (I belong to NC30 btw) and use it with my trusted Real Technique’s Face Brush. It covers really, really well and has the most superb staying power, ever! Strong staying power means a thorough cleansing is necessary or else the skin might suffer from my ignorance. I tried once. Cleansing so-so only and the day after, padan muka! Mega-sized pimple on my left cheek! Other than that, this is the only foundation from the high-end range that does not rip off my purse! For MYR150++ honestly it’s a steal girlfriend! I’m just pretty confident this Double Wear Foundation successfully hit the pause button on my foundation-hunting mission.

Don’t you think so?


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