Three Responses

Three different responses I received regarding my absentee last week;

Lecturer 1:

Kristina (Mr M called me Kristina since I was a sophomore), why didn’t you come to class last week?

Oh, I went to UKM for a debate competition.

Oh so you are the one mentioned by the Dean. That should be fine, pass me an exemption letter next week when you see me, okay?

Guess you have to wait for my graduation day for that. Exemption letter’s protocol is the WTF-est business on Earth.

Lecturer 2:

Dr S, I didn’t attend your tutorial last week because I went to UKM for debate.

Never mind also. I never take into account those attendance. What nonsense are they still keeping up with this attendance shit.


Lecturer 3:

Why didn’t you attend your tutorial last week?

(Teammate answered on my behalf) The four of us went to a debate competition in UKM.

Oh so debate is more important than tutorial la now?

Haa so now how? lol

God I looooove my lecturers! But I love weekends more! This week has been one helluva ride, recharging is very much needed. Happy weekend!



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