Debat Kehakiman 2015

When I was still a budding freshman, a super-senior shared his dream to represent our law school in Debat Kehakiman. Too sad for him the organizer KIV-ed the competition for some unknown reason when he was all set to roar. In the end, that poor guy graduated without achieving his final dream as a law student (or maybe ranked second considering passing CPC exam is wayyy more important). Bet by any means you’d have guessed Azzairi is the poor sunbae, no? Such an extended friendship radius I have eek

Anyways, I was given this trust and motivation to settle his unfinished mission because let’s face it, I am a final year student! I was grouped in the same team with Azri, Janise and Gan, had one mock training, then off we went to UKM. It was the usual, conventional parliamentary debate, but what separates this debate from the usual ones was the need to prove our case by citing real cases. In simplified words, no lying! If Lord Denning says A then quote A not B!

After a couple of preliminary matches, quarter and semi, we made it up to the final stage. We went against UITM which was represented by our extremely-familiar debate friends on the motion “Hak Asasi Manusia; Undang-undang di Malaysia Sudah Memadai”. For moments like this we need nothing but Dr Azmi Sharom’s lecture notes so for the very first time ever, I thanked myself for taking his International Human Rights Law course last semester! Because in the end…it’s all worth it.





I had a lot of first times during this tournament but the one that topped the list is of course having to debate in front of His Lordships from Federal Court and Court of Appeal! Definitely an honour! In a matter of time I could possibly plea on behalf of my clients in front of them excellencies, In Shaa Allah. Thank you Allah for this winning 😀


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