FeezFatin’s Akad Nikah

Tayn entrusted me to join her sister’s bridesmaids crew; an idea I honestly thought she’ll regret lol! No one needs someone with a tight schedule to run errands, especially the errand. But I agreed anyway because come on, 1) what other titles give you a better bragging right than the bridesmaid title? 2) I want the pretty free dress, sorry not sorry!

Anyways, I am not sure if anybody keeps an eye on the bridesmaids during wedding but one thing I am hundred percent positive is, nobody gives a damn on us when it comes to Fatin! Every single soul can’t keep their eyes off her especially her husband of course. She was drop dead gorgeous, starstruck unlike the last time I had breakfast with her a week before (lol!) and the bride aura spoke it all. Period.

Starstruck, haven’t I told ya? Well, don’t forget that we too, exist 😦

So happy that you are now a Mrs, Kak Tin. I have no idea on what it feels like to have an elder sister but I don’t need one to confirm if Tayn is frantically happy for you. May He showers you with the best of His blessings and… quick, give cousins to Rayyan ASAP!


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