Off Market: Hana Reza

Sorry to disappoint you gentlemen who are crushing over this wanita Melayu terakhir but she has already got hitched last weekend. Yes yes, no need to double confirm, this is Hana Reza we are speaking about. Since she’s the first one in the gang to tie the knot, the rest eight went extremely gaga over the wedding and more than willing to do anything including driving down the East Coast to be self-proclaimed bridesmaids. Seriously, you want zero absentees on your wedding day, then kahwin awal!

Uniformed bridesmaids’ dresses? NO PROBLEM.

Torture us to be whole day servants? NO SWEAT!

Ponteng kerja? PIECE OF CAKE!

Okay, the last one maybe not. Since I am in the middle of my very-compulsory internship, I cant simply apply for leave. (Akad on Saturday, I’m working on Sunday, plus Kota Bharu- Kemaman is obviously not distance-friendly). So the only one who already had her bridesmaid dress ready but not sure to go to the wedding or not was…moi! I panicked of course but chose not to tell Hana. Drafted 1001 excuses in case my potential-absentee becomes real.

Long story cut short, my friend Amal Aiman offered to car-pool with his three other friends. Phew! Thanks God! Or else what kind of friend I am to miss my own bestfriend’s wedding and plus that was our mini reunion after last year’s reunion in Troika! Oh, this is the ‘dak dak overseas’ bunch btw.



Hana, if you are reading this, know that weekend is the hardest subject for me to sacrifice. Sacrificing the only two days without Notice of Demand/ Summons/ Affidavits whatnots, for want of a better word, is a bummer! You must worth a gazillion of good memories to steal my precious time! Indeed you are. Now that you’ve reached another milestone in life, I wish you all the goodness in life you truly deserve together with your husband. To love and be loved is the pinnacle of happiness and riches. May you never lose sight of this precious treasure in all your days together. Most importantly, never lose track on your medicine studies, Cardiff baby! Siap kau kalau tak grad on time *serious talk*

Barakallah, bestie!


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