Edinburgh in 10 Frames

If there’s one thing I could research and rant forever throughout my entire life, it would be traveling. Honestly, I opt to be rich in experience and memories rather than anything materials. That’s why, I found myself sold to this not-so-new-but-not-so-old hobby and recently traveled up to United Kingdom to witness His greatness from other poles of the world.

And yes, speaking of United Kingdom, London is always the cliche association made when one says they are going on a getaway to the United Kingdom. I won’t blame you though ’cause that’s the case for me as well! Of course the glamorous city steals many hearts but for those who long for a rather relaxed holiday in the United Kingdom, trying out Scotland is never a choice you’re gonna regret. I’ve read a few articles on ‘Underrated Cities in Europe’ and majority of them have Scotland jot down in the list.

I pinned up a number of places in Scotland’s map but for the time being, Edinburgh would suffice for this ‘comeback’ (teehee sorry dear blog for the long abandon). Here’s 10 snippets from Prince’s Street, Edinburgh Castle and Royal Mile, all in the capital of Edinburgh.

IMG_6572 IMG_6579 IMG_6514IMG_6527IMG_6550IMG_6665 IMG_6668 IMG_6669 IMG_6678 IMG_6687

Fall in love with Edinburgh’s old-centuries architecture, extremely friendly Scottish people, cultural shopping (because nothing beats NY Times Square or London’s Oxford St!) and greeneries.

What you cannot miss: Pay a visit to Edinburgh Castle and climb up the highest point there for the whole Edinburgh landscape, elongating right before your eyes.


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