When I was still a berhingus freshie, few seniors told me third year will be the best year in my law school history. Not sure why but I remembered being so anticipated, so looking forward, so impatient that I wished sophomore year can be skipped in a blink of eyes. Now that I am done with my third year (oh yes guys, like twenty-four hours ago) so what’s my verdict be?

Okay la, seniors are quite true. Third year, unlike sophomore or freshie year is way more flexible. You have looser grip from substantive-laws-sort-of-subjects, you are free to venture into aspects of law you wished to explore (speaking of stronger authority when fighting for elective courses hehe), you write thesis on what allure you most (child marriage FTW!) and of course not to miss… LEGAL ATTACHMENT! That I can’t comment much, about to have mine in a week-time!


There were ups and downs, sugar and spice throughout the journey, of course. If it’s straight and still then it’s not life, no? Academic-wise, I am extremely grateful to enroll in areas of law I dramatically passionate about! Intellectual Property, International Human Rights, Commercial Transaction oh God I seriously wish you can witness my sparkling retinas now! But but, I didn’t get the Dean List award, yet. Last semester’s pointer was 3.60 which lacking 0.10 to get the most anticipated scroll but that doesn’t mean I have to stop trying. I already tried my best for this semester so as for now my capacity is all about paying tawakal and praying to The Almighty. He knows what’s best for me 😀

Debate-wise. Ahhhh, what maketh me a human! Alhamdulillah, one great year for MORUM! I participated in three debate tournies altogether for 2014/2015 calendar; Merdeka, Gender and recently Royale. Naib Johan, third overall best speaker and Champion respectively! Debate is about teammates so these winnings are not solely mine, thank you MORUMians who dripped victory sweat for me your soon-a-retiring-President! Lol!

In a meantime, my two bestfriends are geographically closer to me. Qeels spent a year practice in Klang Hospital but now she’s back in UM for good. In Shaa Allah till the day she graduates. Mira, that girl graduated earlier than us ‘cause her course is way shorter. Even luckier, she’s now working very cloooooose to both of me and Qeels. What’s better than having a working bestfriend who pays Nasi Lemak Crispy for your supper you tell me?

Honestly, third year can be one hell year or the other way round, depends on how you put stake on it. That’s why I put seniors are ‘quite true’ earlier and not completely true! There’s nothing like easy-peasy with law school but at least with the proportionate amount of serious investment you can definitely make yours worth it.

So yeah that’s it. Third chapter law school encyclopedia, khatam-ed. Let’s focus on puasa and Raya now!


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