Au Courant Jokes Please

Azzairi rang me this morning, apologizing his failure to reach me last night and put the blame on his faulty iPhone. Shit I don’t usually buy from anyone lol, especially from iPhone users. In the meantime I asked him about the line-up for an upcoming debate tournie since the one to submit those names is none other than moi. So he named me a few potential debaters we have in option, when I started to create some sort of drama.

“You didn’t put my name in the list. Am I a cheapening debater?”

“Sudah lah tak payah nak eching. You are going to Lawnite kan”

Exactly. The date clashes with the most anticipated Lawnite, though this time around I didn’t go that gaga over attending Lawnite. I poured more gasoline to heat up the directionless conversation.

“Yeah but I don’t know nak pergi tak. My dress tak sempat siap, the Jakarta lace one”

“Oh really? So boleh la masuk line up. You, XX, YY, ZZ. Nak?”

“Emm actually I have my second back up dress…”

“Ha aku dah agak dah! Aku layan je permainan eching ni. Ini lapisan pertama, lapisan keduanya apa?”

Lol. Layering like prep for debate arguments.

“Emm but I kinda dislike that baju! It’s too simple, one of those dresses yang I buat tapi tak comply with my wearable standard. Baju kurung je”

“Yeahh itu dia lapisan kedua. So you want me to layan this cakap eh tak pe lah, baju kurung cantik lah, sayang pakai apa pun cantik lah, dress dah bosan lah… KAN?”

Damn this guy knows me too well!

“Tak lah. Tak tahu lah, rasa macam tak pakai kot baju tu. Nak debat lah, I baru bayar deposit je for lawnite”

“Ok. So you, XX, YY, ZZ”

“Emmm actually…”

“Your mom offered you another dress now and you wanna go to Lawnite. That’s it. Enough play along, dah faham sangat dah conclusionnya jadi macam mana”

Lol. I need to start drafting on new techniques. Creative juice, creative juice!


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