Momentary Pang of Anxiety

I am nowhere close to be overzealous but I just feel the need to write down my current woebegone state, just to ensure my pity self is aware of those plenty of emphasized troubles ahead if I keep this phase stale. The semester has halved, yayy that’s a great news considering my route to finish law school just get shorter BUT BUT at the same times it makes me a wee bit jittery (actually a lot) knowing how work’s slowly piling up and worse…remain virgins! *biting nails*

I absolutely digest how dateline for academic project paper is drawing nearer, abundance of mid-term tests are ready to chock me up but they all haven’t registered in my blood and sweat drip yet I swear. Trust Law? Jurisprudence? IP Law? Heck where’s life pause button when I needed it most? Like seriously I am sort of blended with the amusement of facing the ceiling blatantly more than I do enjoy reading cases and stuff at the mo.

And the morbid episode just got more dramatic when in home. Trouble gets worse when my eleven cats can’t stop bothering me, poking me around, demanding me to comply with their shiftless playtime.

Or maybe it’s the other way round…cats are irresistible creatures! No?


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