Cheesy Banana Fritters: Just The Story, Not The Recipe!

That’s it. I’m gonna stop pretending like I know nothing about cooking. I am a previous contender in Masterchef Malaysia guys, just that they never aired my shot. Too fab for your tv, it might explode. They told me that so who am I to object?

After the previous drama of burning my mom’s pot (or whatever you call it I just grab something useful to cook my vanilla sauce, so will you please leave my carefree world and I alone?) I was so itchy to try another mainstream recipe this time. Cheesy banana fritters aka the gee-el-ae-em-ou-yu-ar-ou-yu-es name, goreng pisang cheese. I cannot help it, I pitied myself for salivating over and over again on my blameless iPhone when I scrolled through The Gorpis’ Instagram!

And today one shot of Google Search cum constant consoles inflicted upon my dad, forcing him to drive to Tesco, I produced my own ‘gorpis’! Dude, all talk and no picture makes Jane a liar so here you go!

IMG_8520 IMG_8530


Truthfully speaking, the banana fritters looked worse in reality! I mean, look at those retarded grated cheese, I swear I did as instructed but why the hell are they are clumping like a ball of sperms? I just don’t get it! Thankfully my currently developing photography skill is rather functional today so the bananas in umm what’s the opposite of reality?..virtual? made them appeared slightly acceptable to human’s epiglottis.

But but! Taste-wise, I can confidently guarantee you the banana fritters topped my so-called cooking-journal so far! Delectableness is no shrinking violet! My parents loves it (well as if saying they hate it is a choice tehee), my sisters finished them in a blink of eyes (chocolate, cheese, kids, get it?), even my cats were looking pretty desperate to taste a bite! Owh, another success story.

I know, I know, someone can really wive me now if he dares experimenting with highly potential diarrheic foods. Oh, don’t mention the increasing hantaran value please. Thank you, thank you *bowing endlessly*

Pssssttt anyhotss, just in case you are way too lame innocent, Masterchef Malaysia never had me. And probably they never will. Duh.


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