So You Do Appreciate Us!

I spent days of my very much anticipated and honored weekend working in a private college quite close to my uni. Working in a team of 9, my MORUM colleagues and I were hired as public speaking consultants to share our experiences in public speaking-related fields as well as sharing our best two cents to help the students gain more confidence in voicing out their ideas. Aka digging ‘em voices from the vocal chords, speak up!  Things we love to do.

photo 4

Our initial discussion a week before the programme

Throughout the two days, I happened to stumble upon this one student. With the mens rea to encourage him talking to me (he was such an extreme shier! Speak to me also don’t want), I told him I was impressed with the number of audiences who attended the programme! We are speaking of 60 students (out of few hundreds) who were willing to sacrifice their weekend for a whole-day programme. Even me myself is so gonna think twice before dragging my feet unwillingly when it comes to burning the weekend unnecessarily, except for shopping of course. Plus, conducting such similar programme in UM, if you can gain 15 audiences also (out of thousands!) you can proudly call that an achievement okay!

His reply surprised me:

“Mungkin di UM students nya mudah untuk mendapatkan program sebegini. Ramai orang yang mahu ke UM sebab UM ada nama besar. Tapi kami ini susah, bila ada orang sudi datang bagi ilmu bagus begini tak kan kami nak lepaskan?”

(“Maybe it’s easier for UM students to have this kind of programme. There’s a lot of people who are willing to go to UM since UM carries a big name. But in here that’s not the case. So when people are willing to come and give us this kind of useful knowledge, we cannot afford to lose it.”)

Nah told you. The answer was a very emotional one and went straightly to my heart. Zuuupppp! A slap in my face too. I started to recall a couple of events made by our Law Society featuring very famous people in legal fields, with variety of interesting topics some more… that also failed to attract students’ participation and ended up being very krik krik.

The thing with appreciation you see, some little things we often take for granted might mean the whole world to another. Humankind is always filled with the desire to gain more, even me myself! It’s quite easy to find me unattached to the concept of feeling contented. Enough is not a word in my life dictionary, no matter how often I keep reminding myself to stop wanting more and just appreciate what I already owned! Most of us chose to leave behind the gold we already have for shadowy platinum ahead of us.

But really, lacking of something brings more appreciation towards one thing. When you have less, you appreciate more. When you lost it, then only you gonna appreciate it like crazy. I love that boy’s humbleness, something you will never see in UM’s students on a general scale. His words won our heart and he made us feel like the luckiest consultants, ever!

photo 3

That’s Adie lecturing half of the participants

Anyways, if you are interested in organizing a public speaking class/ lecture/ seminar, do not hesitate to reach me at 

Our team consists of notable legal executives who have excellent oratory background, a few lawyers, highly recognized professors and national debaters with unquestionable public speaking skills. We are newborn team but never lacking of experiences and to date, have been hired by private/ governmental units in a number of public speaking training seminars. Well, you know where to reach me.


Would love to hear from you!

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