Defeated Moment

Recently my eyebrow pencil which I’ve been relying heavily went really exhaustive. The stick end nearly lose its grip and I cannot afford to bear anymore pain from the plastic end of the tip. Thing is, the eyebrow liner doesn’t belong to me but my mom’s. You know, she loves make up and so do I, so we kinda have issues with tolerating aka lending. That explains why I stole one from her vanity and made confession only when I reached UM! Hahaha. Anyways, the one I stole (I kinda hate this word can I say borrowing-with-no-intention-of-returning?) is not available in Malaysia. Mama bought it from her previous overseas trip so when I searched high and low here in Malaysia, the answers I received were really frustrating. It’s either they have discontinued the item or such thing never existed. Boo!

So in an attempt of replacing my poor eyebrow liner, I went to Sephora earlier this morning. And oh, since I max-ed my allowance last week, the miniature sane part in my brain kept on chanting not to exceed RM50 and only spend on ONE PIECE OF EYEBROW LINER. Roger!

But not so long… my mistake rooted from paying Tarte counter a visit. I was trying on the Amazonian Clay Eyebrow Pencil when an SA approached me.

SA : How can I help you miss?

Kia : This one so nice. (but quite pricey considering my thinning cash…)

SA : Yes, very nice on you lo. Enhance your brow very nicely! So pretty! So rugi if you tak beli lo.

Uhhhhh screw the price! Eyebrow must be on point!

Kia : I know right. That’s it, I’m getting this.

SA : Do you wish to buy two of these? We are having offer exclusively for members right now, buy this one and got discount for the next one! You save a lot lo…

Kia : No thanks. Just one…

SA : Sure loo? Offer is only for today ma..

Kia : Okay, I’ll take two.

That’s it.  Sephora’s SA are trained to be extremely excellent in convincing game and thinking I lost this way, this easy, the SA must have assumed customers like me is a kacang peas only. Despite of learning about Consumer Protection Act and SOGA, I still lost in this game that only girls can understand!


Becky Bloomwood, you cannot be any truer!

What can I say…shopping turns one into bimbo! For the meantime, oh hello there Hup Seng and Milo! *cry me a river*


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