Off-Screen Dinner!

From day one I started blogging, not even once it crossed my mind to know or to be known by anyone. That is why, staying initially anonymous, I prefer to write in my own accord and to ramble about stuff no one can be bothered. But that’s not so long until I discovered personas who typed behind digital screens and became much and much more driven to follow their paths. (Hence the public blog…)One of these personas in my list happened to be Raja Nadia Sabrina, the beauty who blogs at RNadia which no introduction is necessary, no?

So, after years of admiring her on screen finally I stand a chance to meet her in real life! Oh, let me rephrase that. It’s not a mere meet up sesh where you say hi and bye then chow, but a proper meet up which included a fine Japanese dining! Even better, the dinner was on her, can you imaaaagine how awesome my life was for a night?!! Come on guys, everything that requires no cash is more than fun, supersonic even! Okay, I might scare her out if she happens to stumble upon this post. *tuning down a wee bit of the fangirl mode* Anyways it wasn’t just me and her alone. Anisah of Pink Durian (also one of Hatta Hijab girl, do check her out! Anisah is out of word too awesome to describe!), Taty the sweet gem whose doodle is waaaay too amazing than the rest of us, as well as Nadia’s husband, Kneok were also there to kacau our date! Lol.

We kicked the dinner with a bowl of lettuce/avocado/salmon salad. I am a Japanese salad virgin, regardless of the infinity count of visits to Japanese fine dining before (even to Tokyo!), but I was swayed by Nadia’s insistence that she hearts the salad wholeheartedly and I’ll be over the moon with the scrumptiousness it has to offer! How could I say no? And I continued to chug in unagi, sashimi, matcha ice cream till I can no longer tolerate extra food intake! That’s rare! Together with the dinner, Nadia revealed more of herself. Her decision to seize practicing, her current commitment with Aere, her fears, basically everything she never revealed in her blog! Kneok was quite approachable too, since his name is one you can find in the KL Bar, and I practically quite kiasu when it comes to career talk kinda thing, you can guess where our conversation lead to… aahahaha! Nadia and Anisah on the other hand were two big fashion devotees so they were basically talking fashions, leaving me and Taty in awe (aka chomping our foods and nodded like we understood those fashion terms! Or maybe it was just me…I don’t know. Taty, please don’t leave me!).

photo 2 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Them ladies were so pretty and I swore I got really intimidated if I was not on par! Nadia especially, she doesn’t age and her flawless skin makes me think twice of my current skincare routine! (Staring at my new Chanel moisturizer that doesn’t seem to work).

Here’s what I wore to the dinner. A casual crisp blouse from Forever 21, a ripped off jeans my mom will never approve, Tynuts shawl (coming soon In Shaa Allah) and some accessories you don’t even wanna know.

photo 4

Before you start assuming false assumptions (durh), I would love to clarify that I wore a thick legging together with the jeans. Quite suffocating especially when we we are speaking of skinny jeans here, but anything to cover the not so senonoh part of it, lol. Cheers to a new friendship successfully built! Thanks for one wonderful night, ladies! Maybe making your blog public is no harm at all kan?


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