Sweat is the New Sexy

Qeels is literally obsessed with wall climbing. She began encompassed with this extreme sport since post-SPM days and now after countless climbs she did it is fair to mark her, an expert. Speaking of me who cannot be bothered even if the one and only Nike Max I owned went missing (wait, that thang is pretty expensive right? Hmm I think I might be slightly bothered), it’s quite a surprise to know we are still best friends to date. Complicated equation cut short :

Qeels’ sports = anything extreme i.e. Wall climbing, rafting, futsal yada yada

Kia’s sports = anything extreme i.e. going from one level to another in the mall, not minding pusing the whole mall for 4-5 times to get what I want…

I play badminton and water sports also kayy, don’t judge.

So anyways that girl dragged me to Putrajaya Extreme Park once I’m done with IP Law lecture last two days, and made me climb for the very first time ever! Before hitching my legs on the first stone, Qeels briefly delivered a pre-emptive lecture on the required equipment such as harness, climbing shoes, chalk bag, belay device, rope. She taught me on prepping figure of 8 too, safety measures…you know, those boring stuff I have to pretend like I’m so into it (Babe if you are reading this, what’s with that emotion? Did you read something offensive? Oh come on, that’s your imaginary paragraph…are you mad, YOUR SAFETY MEASURE LECTURE IS D’ BOMB!)

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset  Tying figure of 8 to my harness

photo 3photo 2 photo 1

Pro already, can laaa…

I did three top rope climbs altogether; blue stones, red stones and orange stones. Difficulty levels differ to each other but so glad I completed all three. I mean, initially I doubted myself. Not sure if I can make it to the top. Hello I am a first timer! But no, fear aside and everything will be just fine. Reach a higher stone, push your legs, climb climb climb! That’s it. Well, addendum dramas are salt ‘n pepper of course you should be able to guess I skipped that part.

photo 5

Some healthy dinner after sexy sweaty moment

In case you couldn’t tell, Qeels and I had a damn good time! I’m so looking forward for my second time and at this current moment, I declare wall climbing as my new hobby. No shopping, momma still love you but you gotta learn the concept of sharing okay?

If you’ve never done wall climbing before, go put it in your bucket list!

Showed a picture of me climbing to Syadiyah. Instantly she called me and said:

“Eleh, ghukah ghukah (panjat-panjat) dinding pakai tali adik pun boleh!”



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