Italian Goodness at Don’s Diner

Italian cuisines are quite unusual for my taste-buds. Steaks are my limit, anything further will be politely declined. You see, I am not completely international! But Don makes me think twice (or even more). After countless times of self-denial moment while scrolling through Don’s Instagram and some kiasu pre-emptive research, I finally made my first visit to Don’s Diner!

What? Haven’t heard of it? Come on, Don’s Diner is raging madly on Instagram. With guerrilla publicity and famous celebrities like Bossned, Nora Danish, Betty Rahmad already paid their visits, it sounds so unusual if you contended never stumbled upon their delicacies on IG. Like seriously, which side of the planet you are living in?

Hehe kidding only, now keep scrolling and salivating with me. Here goes!

1. Ready, Set, Go!

Okay, firstly you’ll be spoilt with lengthy choices available on the menu. From appetizer to main courses to desserts to beverages, trust me you’ll be confused if you are merely deciding on foods or revising Land Law. Extensive selections gonna make you go cray cray!

photo 5

Baked Scallop with Cheese and Mushroom for appetizer. My personal favorite! I mean, it is scallop (duhh) and if someone ever declines scallop he clearly doesn’t belong to 21st century! Don prepares this delicacy pretty excellently. Creamy cheese cum exotic mushroom, ‘hungry-for-more’ mode is now turned on!

2. Yes, Keep Going!

Now moving on the main courses. Pasta lovers, you are so gonna love me for these:

photo 4

Spaghetti Anatra (RM28)

photo 1 Beef lasagna (RM26)photo 2 Penne Pastichiatta ala Dons’ Diner (RM26)photo 5

Spaghetti Vongole (RM34)

To you fellas who ride the same bandwagon with me (pasta-repulsive), fret not ’cause Don will never let you just sit down and watch your rude friends slurping pastas recklessly. I had grilled lamb rack ‘cause remember my limit for Italian is steak? Great memory you fellas! Anyway, this grilled lamb rack (RM55) is drizzled over with Beetroot and mint sauce, alongside with eggplant Caponata and roasted potato. Definitely drooling with my choice! The smooth lamb compliments well with my favvvee eggplant. For a moment I’m completely sure my tastebuds were confused if they are swallowing foods coming from Heaven, nearly snapped me though!


Seeeee what I’m talking about? Other selections include…photo 3 Chicken Shnitzel (RM36)photo 4 Trio Slider (RM25)photo 1 Steak sandwich (RM26)photo 2 Vienna Chicken (RM18)photo 3

 Chicken Tarragon (RM34)

3. Keep Calm and Fin ’em With…

Desserts! Sweet-toothed can never say no to Don’s desserts.

photo 5 Cannoli ala Siciliani (RM16)photo 4Chocolate lava cake (RM18)photo 2 Strawberry Millifuille (RM22)photo 1

I’m still not over with the crème brulee in L’occitane Café, Shibuya but this one by Don’s Diner is no shrinking violet. Enough sweetness from the vanilla custard and zesty spritz from two slices of orange to keep me happy. Though I’m hoping for a bigger portion but considering the relatively cheap price tag (RM12) I just keep the complain within myself.

Sorry that I skipped the beverages part. IMO, Don’s Diner still need to improve on their beverages but to date, fret not because you will be provided with sooo many choices from mocktails, ice-blended, coffee and chocolate, fresh juices et cetera.

4. Crave for more?

What differentiates Don’s Diner from any other fancy mancy restaurants you ask? Other than really great foods, they provide cigar for those who fancies the idea of real gentleman. Now feeling like a bad ass huh?

photo 2

Meet my new friend, the cigar server. Obviously looking very ‘hyped’ to serve haha

5. Move your butt!

You there! Enough salivating, you are obviously ruining the screen. Nah, ambik tisu to wipe it off. To the right a lil bit, yes yes. Ok now that the whole information are fully digested, it’s time to go try Don’s Diner for real! Come on gurrrl, you don’t wanna catch the late train. Dontcha?

photo 1

Don’s Diner

No.22 Jalan 17/54, Petaling Jaya (Section 17)

Opens 11am – 12am daily

For reservation: 03-79323430

ig: @dons.diner

All photos and words are my own’s. Copyright reserved.


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