Heyday Sunday

Last night, before I went to sleep, I solemnly made a promise with myself. To wake up early in the morning, prepare a filling breakfast, do some hand-wash laundries and start working on another chapter of my project paper. And oh, to update iTunes. You know being in third week of school, I was pretty determined to make the most of it (and that’s after having excessive amount of joy the day before and I’m slightly coated with guilt hehe).

So I woke up this morning, pretty early. Breakfast was a success story, white bread, Nutella spread and hot chocolate, good to go. Hand-wash laundries, no idea but it was productively done! (Hello Ma!) Then it’s about time to put an initial writing on my new chapter. Come on, I’m borne ready!

Here goes. *Typing Chapt…*

“Hai hai hai! Apa khabar semua di pagi Ahad yang cukup indah ini! Anda bersama saya…”


Residential college is having an open day so irritating loud music is filling the air. Sadly the music is nowhere close to entertaining and very mood crushing lah! Suddenly I was feeling nauseous.

Can’t swallow the fact that my long-time yearned private Sunday is throbbed this way! Where’s mutual respect when we need it most? Irritated, J who just returned from Sunday church sesh and I packed up our stuff, grabbed on whatever tops reachable at the moment and swung our legs to the library!

Yeah, library. On Sunday. Shameless to admit here, this is my first time ever visiting the library on weekends. (Future employer please refrains from reading this post. I lied man, I go to the library all day err day). Literally ‘cooler’ than Publika. Yeah, lay all your jokes on me!

photo 1 (20)

Two hours later I remembered what Dr Azmi told us:

“I hope no one goes to the library to read Martin Dixon’s on Saturday. I really hope that, guys. You guys are so young, have some life!”

Make sense……let’s pack up.

Again, future employers I’m playing a joke on you! Can’t you see me hitting this black keyboard here? Oh, come on…


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