Welcome Home, Momentum!

After a week of battling with my rebel inner goddess, I finally managed to conquest her and retain my college momentum in place. No, you step outta my way!!! Phew, sorry guys didn’t expect her making such a sudden comeback. Oh back to the story, she kinda defeated me throughout the entire week, dragging me to do countless retail therapy, to do more café hopping, living life more like a socialite and not a student. But come on I don’t blame myself for being semi-jaded, it longs for some hiatus before suiting in the real deal after one-month of breaking free at home.

So academic-wise, subject registration is all done. This semester I am carrying six units in total; Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, Equity and Trust 2, Intellectual Property Law, International Humanitarian Law, Academic Project Paper (commonly known as FYP to other courses, and yoo this carries six-bloody credit hours so better don’t fool around with it) and lastly English. So far so good, I am enjoying all six especially IP Law that taught me different kind of protections for works one performs. Did you know the reason behind a dull, music-less shopping mall is because the mall cannot air music without the permission of collecting societies? Sounds like it reaps ka-chings but naahh, that’s the least we could do to appreciate parties who shed their blood and tears for the sake of an artwork!

Also, I’ve secured my place in three different ‘venues’ for internship. The process was somewhat exciting and slightly similar if not easier compared to job-hunting. From narrowing down potential law firms, preparing possibly the most kickass resume, getting called and meeting up future ‘employers’… fun is not even the word, oh my God! Mmm this might deserve a separate post on its own.

Curriculum-wise, well, you know what I will ramble about. Still holding the President tenure for Majlis Orator UM, I really really pray that this semester will breed more achievements for us after the victorious first term. The dream to step off this tenure leaving behind glorious achievements contributed by the junior and senior teams is still alive, just so you know.

That’s it. My goals particularly set for this semester are well-ignited. All it needs is my duly attention to keep on fueling the burning. Need to ensure this third year in law school story is well written in my own encyclopedia on life history.


Eh wait, new newsletter on Isabel and Ruben Toledo’s? Mannn that eyeshadow looks appealing! *minimizing academic project paper tab just for a little while, I promise!


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