The thing I regret most

… is when I forgot to bring home all these, had one month of free time but the idea slipped off my mind that easily!

photo 2 (16)

Now I have plenty of books but so little time to finish all of them. Oh yes, I am one reader belonging to the greedy focused category. Well, sort of an in-the-moment person… what more can you say? And being in-the-moment takes no deal with unsettled business so half-way reading is not really my thing.

Btw, before you judge me let me make it clear that I don’t read a single genre. These were purchases made one to two months ago and they had a really great deal on fictions!

Well, obviously fictions will dominate when you have sisters walking the adolescent bridge. I kinda have inclination towards ‘old-people’ kinda book now (currently reading I Am Malala, sold by Naily’s persuasion!). If I have one thing to suggest you now, I would politely lead you to Kino and make you read Malala!

Guys… Kino is my new Zara, and I started to get worried. A lot.


Would love to hear from you!

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