The Thing With Henna

A few days I was still the jolly me sitting at home enjoying the bliss of doing literally nothing, waking up to tendered breakfast and not having to worry about flushing cash out of my purse. Now the good days ended two days ago and with no slight of exaggerating element I honestly feel like it had been thousand years away!

Seriously I thought reality loves me…

Btw, during the holiday period Mama made me put some homemade-henna on my nails. Not a fan to be honest but I was convinced when Mama told me wearing henna is a traditional mean of getting healthy, shiny nails. Since buffing nails can sometimes be a nasty business, without hesitation I gave my nod of approval. I got nothing to lose anyway, no?

The result? I love it! For the first 10 seconds guilt coated my sanity but after that I started to wonder why I did not do this earlier! Can’t stop staring at my flaming red nails reflecting a very fierce yet purdy look. So goodluck OPI, your nearest potential rival is planted just within my backyard 😉

Thing is, while I can’t stop admiring my nails, to other people it seems inviting for them to ask me very weird questions. People are questioning if I got engaged or married during the holiday, which for me is the new version of abundance of questions aunties love to ask during kenduri; when are you going to get married? *runs a mile* All these while no one believes I am someone’s wife when glancing at my face but now it goes without saying for the nails. Rude nails, stealing the limelight that effortlessly!

Even the uncle who kept gold in his mouth asked me today:

“Ayooo dey. Sudah kahwin ka pakai itu inai?”


Note to self is not to be best friend to any kind of rings for the time being.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

But this henna confusing business excites me every single day. It won’t stop me from usha good-looking guys from afar ’cause come on… I am not a Puan yet *winks*


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