Mind Your Basic Etiquette

The other day after I secured my internship placement in a law firm, I met Tayn and Hanna for brunch. Decided to meet at a nearby cafe existing on our ‘to-go-list’ for quite sometimes. Among any other possibilities that could have happened, we ordered two cups of hot green tea latte that turned out to be very disappointing. First sip uhhh so cold. Second sip uhhh too powdery. Third sip…naaah I don’t bother to have another sip thank you. Thought the taste was alien to my taste buds per se but when I saw Tayn continuously stirring her cup, I knew she belongs to the unfulfilled unit too.

Must do something” is the message interpreted from each other’s’ gazes.

So we lodged a complaint to a passing waitress but she affirmed the taste is normal and the ingredients were portioned accordingly. We offered her to have a sip, only to be declined in the rudest tone a waitress could ever give. She even added:

“The taste is normal. Familiar tongues found no wrong with it”

My my, so we are the jakun ones, never tried green tea latte throughout our 22 years of existance? Taking rudeness to another level!

“You see. This is not my first time sipping green tea latte. I can tolerate slight oddness from the ones I had before but yours is just so…wrong. Tastes like grease, with visible filtrates everywhere and this is still normal to you?”

Indifferent waitress remained silent as concrete. No sign of apologizing.

Instead, being the kind-hearted lady she is (Tayn is my complete opposite, can you recall?), Tayn apologized the waitress if we appeared to be somewhat whinny. She stressed on how important it is for them to improve, ‘cause the next upcoming customers will surely lodge the same complaints if the latte undergoes no improvement.

How the girl responded? A mere “okay”, 180 degree turn-over and left us blinking our eyes in dismay.

I know, I know, ‘customer is always right’ policy is occasionally quite absurd. Ignoring the mistakes created originally by the customer and put the blame on working staff is not right. Customer is not always right! But it is also true that one cannot simply deny a long-existing mantra that is chanted by many other successful business tycoons. There’s a reason why such saying existed at the first place.

When you hop into a “customer-serving-business” mud, expect that you are jumping into a mud-field that requires you to be extra polite, to try your very best in catering others’ needs and not to act snippy or act like you’re doing us an extremely big favor. Especially in restaurants which are not in any way suitable to be hotbeds catering uncivilized flocks. Plus, any sane person would say squinting your eyes and ignoring apologizing are not signs of appreciations when a customer speaking up about your poor service!

Definitely does not worth a second visit, but quite worthy to our cameras.

IMG_6499Can still strike a pose while having an inner heartburn. Women.


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