Mineral Pressed Powder? Why Not

After highly depending on MAC Studio Fix Powder for quite sometimes, I was convinced that it is about time to switch my daily powder to a brand new one. Studio Fix delivers an excellent job at a very reasonable price, but the skin screams for something new (or is it desire? Cannot really differentiate…). So when Mama kirim me to buy her Laura Mercier’s moisturizer, I took the opportunity to eye for one. Ended up buying the  Laura Mercier’s Mineral Pressed Powder. The fact that it is mineral…ohhhhh Gosh so tempting!


When it comes to creating a flawless finish, Laura Mercier is always a step above the others. This is highly driven by her trademark of creating “flawless face”, known by many. So performance-wise in beautifying my face (lol) this pressed powder did a good job! Even dabbing in small quantities, the coverage is okay, for it provides buildable medium to full coverage. You know, the usual taboo when it comes to pressed powder is always the ‘cakey’ finish, haunts me to get a hands-on attempt as well but surprisingly, the cakey part is less obvious this time! I highly recommend using it with a brush rather than the sponge provided in getting such result.


SPF-wise, since the SA shoved two pressed powders for comparison before my face, she keep on reminding me that this one comes with better protection since the formula is enhanced with SPF15. I couldn’t bother her less, because honestly SPF is not my sole concern! (hello there, sunblock!) But for the sake of writing this, I learned that the SPF15 in its formula is derived from zinc oxide, which provides a very good broad-spectrum sun protection.

The only downturn coming from this product is regarding its small portion. Having using the 15.0g MAC’s Studio Fix and now transforming to nearly halved-trimmed portion (8.10g) makes me wanna hide my cash and walk away! But considering its better finishing, I just saved the complaint within myself.

Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder is available at all Laura Mercier’s counter at RM159.


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