Work a Little Harder

I met one of my cousins who currently belong to the SPM-leaver-not-knowing-what-to-do-next society, so she hurdled on me with tones of question about ‘what’s next’ and myriad ‘what ifs’. And coincidentally, myself is on the run to join in the semi-serious legal juggler profession aka undergoing internship period not so soon. So as I was browsing through some random pages on the web, I caught this one wise advice and for me it’s kinda helpful.

It says; that days of relying on a gatekeeper to hand us a golden ticket are actually over.

Well, pretty scary but…goodness it hits the core precisely!

Whether we believe it or not, our biggest obstacle in life has and will always be getting over ourselves. We do expect to be served a beautiful life on a silver platter but truthfully saying, my friend, that’s not how it works. It is our obligation to make way towards the exit gate of maze we initially created, and stop mooching around for other people to recognize our ability. Go there and prove we can actually work and calls for no substitute for we are originally wanted!

Being an SPM leaver, it’s not the right thing to do by just laying back, swinging both legs and expects opportunities to come and knock your door. Go ridiculous in hunting for scholarships, figure out which pre-u programme suits you best, be sure of all indispensable dates and experiment on areas you are most comfy with. Because, I’m sure by leaving behind schools’ bench for only a couple of month does not mean you are officially welcomed by ‘adulthood’ and wise enough to be sure, 100% confident on which field you belong next. I know, I speak from my heart, I learn from my history. Years ago when I’m done with Biology paper I knew I’m gonna make a lot of money drilling people’s teeth. Post result period, I suddenly feel like following my friend to Japan doing engineering yet still rejected the offer and have an instinct that I make a great medical doctor. But oh in a blink of eye I am hopping in the law-school bandwagon! That’s not all-rounder guys, it is called confusion! Only that mine hits the jackpot. SPM leavers, your minds should be directed to seriousness in tackling the future and working to make your dreams happen! Never act like an automaton (no Megatron is reading my blog isn’t it??), be sure of your own desires. So while there’s still plenty of time now before results is announced, make an ample research, be prepared and when it’s about time… it’s your showtime, shifting from N to D gear time no more!

Sage enough to preach others but not our own self calls for a shame truth. Myself also, I need to implement the positivity to roar in my own contemporary situation. Hunting for a law firm (even for a mere attachment, for God’s sake) can be a pain in the ass. I started with going to the High Court myself, seeking from a very helpful clerk for a short-listed law firms that caters my criterions, go back home, further narrowing down and getting their respective contact details from Bar Council’s website, working on the application letter cum the CV. All left for me to do now is to fly my messenger’s pigeons, yeayyy! Other half is telling me what a stern effort this was, “intern sajoooh” he says. But nope, I refuse to regret later knowing that I could have done better concerning this “intern sajoooh” matter!

Being responsible towards ourselves – otherwise known as not taking things happening to us lightly – can completely transform our lives! The mantra I’ve been practicing for quite sometime and definitely will keep it on the run. The future belongs to the people with the chutzpah to seize every day by the scruff of the neck. The future will be in the hands of the people determined in morphing the kind of life they wish to live. There’s not even a single land belonging to the complete opposite population, firmly seed this in the memory land of ours.

Pssssstttt… it will all be worth it in the end *winks*


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