Made in Malaysia

My country is rich with people exaggerating small issues. It can go up from a simple, miniature issue to complicated, twisted plot that is capable to manipulate them shallow-minded. Powerful Malaysians. Bonus: Dark side of social media makes such telenovela even merrier.


Because it’s the so-called humanly nature attached stringently to our genes that makes Malaysians enjoy competing to each other, in a useless way. It’s like when one issue comes out, the first person to spark an info pertaining to the matter within 0.00001 second is the winner. Triumph moment to celebrate, I guess. Lemme recall, not later than a minute after MH370 incident, my Twitter feed provides me with boatful of information pertaining to its location. Theory-makers were giving birth to literally infinity smart guesses; safely landed in China, crashed in Andaman Sea (I know right!), one of the passengers sent text message indicating its alien location…  oh God! Why?

I honestly am gripping to this opinion that Malaysians are so unique in a way that we love demanding verification on this and that. Ironically, at the same time these fellow Malaysians are easily swayed by rumors. Why? Because Malaysians favor something exaggerated. Malaysians enjoy putting in emotions in reading which usually unparalleled to line of sanity. That’s why exaggerating is the salt and pepper, it affords more satisfaction to most writers.

What satisfaction means to a writer if I may describe… is pretty odd. A writer dears it when his ‘baby’ is binged by many mouths, disseminated within wider radius, preferably in an extraordinary velocity. And he simply longs to leave the ‘deepest’ mark through his writing. That is why, in my own theory, us Malaysians are the most opinionated citizen ever alive and that makes handling Malaysians the tackiest job ever on earth!

Why? Because the thoughts belong to Malaysians are envious, the thoughts belong to Malaysians are prejudiced, the thoughts belong to Malaysians are swayed with overflowing sentiments! God knows when it ever meets its end! And this leads to my next belief; the most efficient way of chatting with fellow Malaysians is not by presenting lengthy fact sheets, but through the mean of beseeching persuasion. The best arrow if a cupid must choose to hit a heart.

Taking GST for example which I can provide you a thumb-seal… It’s not the taxing rates, the figures, the numbers that tickle Malaysians’ fancy but what Malaysians really wish to hear is ‘is it burdening or is it not?’ THAT IS IT!

Quite recently, when Ismail Sabri dropped his two cents on high goods’ prices and sellers’ attitudes, he was ruthlessly alleged being a racist to the Chinese. In the end, what is pleasant to most Malaysians is the ‘racist’ part and definitely not the part on why he’s contending so. Dude, here’s my good luck wish to whichever party initiating whatever form of efforts to back up Ismail Sabri or providing him with some space of explanation. I foresee a pretty useless effort coming your way! Confirm! Swallow the agony, our fellow people has already made a clear judgment, a clear decision inflicted upon him. Another irony because Malaysians are among the loudest to fight over right to be heard, ey? But ohh apparently, what defines right to be heard is only applicable when it suits them.

I love my motherland sod. I love the people living in within. And I surely will love it more if our sense of belonging went up tad higher. By writing this I have nothing to lose, yet nothing to gain. I believe a better circle of Malaysians is achievable, if and only if we set aside our ‘unnecessary-on-the-run-for-absolutely-zero-goodness’ gene. Competition is good, but not when it went astray from where it should lead us. Now, to a better Malaysia shall we? Bismillah…


One thought on “Made in Malaysia

  1. Thank god, there is at least still a Malaysian that is thinking rationally. I am both, at the same time, angry and sad at how Malaysians are behaving these lately. And this, if I may use the word, stupidity, is contagious!

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