Result’s Out

Official result was released todayy!

Nervous as hell, not gonna lie. Initially I thought my inner Zen will sooth me down but uh uh, Zen is kinda busy with holiday and stuff, probably in Mauritius by know you know… so it decided to left me hanging with my endless worries here, alone.

Left with no other option, I accessed UM’s portal and halfway through my heart was coated with slight regret..maybe I am in no way born ready to face this! Slightly useful cerebrum ruthlessly delivered information to strident heart.

But too bad! Too bad. Page accessed.

Armed with a box of tissues, just in case I cry a river, one eye slightly squinted over the tiny screen. Within a split second, there you highly anticipated result. Directed my view to the GPA first thing first, DL or not.

Sigh. DL negative.

I wanted DL very badly. Like, the whole semester I’ve been living the dream that when the new semester reopens I will be one of those very few flocks whose name being called by the Dean, changing handshakes with him in exchange to the DL’s cert… I want that. More than anything else. More than being crowned Royal Debate’s champ. Or maybe that is so exaggerative, what a crap. No one ever refuses Royal’s glory.

Can I sigh again? *letting out a massive one hehe*

This time around I learned a few valuable lessons. The biggest one is that, never ever trust it when other people recommended a konon senang nak score subject, no. Just no. Due to my slightly obsessive determination to grab a DL, I picked up this one corporate-ish subject which I knew will never have an honest spot in my heart. But I chose it anyways because people keep telling me it’s the easiest subject to score. Turns out it’s the lowest of my grades! Just follow your instinct and commit to an area where you definitely have passion in.

Secondly, learn for you really want to learn about it. Quite cliche no, but I found this little saying evergreen and to some extend self-explanatory. Setting a goal helps a lot, yeah, but never let the goal camouflages the real gist of us studying.

Anyways, sorry if this turns out draggy and more like you bearing with my multiple sighs hehe. Heyyy I can swallow the fact now! This is the result when I am not working hard enough, at least not on par with what it takes to earn a DL. Second chance is coming right up, no? In fact there’re third, forth and final chances queuing so what’s left to worry.

Oh, it was 3.60 we are talking about 🙂 Alhamdulillah…


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