One of my best friends, who once was my fellow cube mate back then in boarding school days, successfully graduated from her engineering school. By graduated I mean completing study years, not formally undergoing a convocation ceremony.

While she’s free as air now, she asked me to go out and accompany her to KLCC ‘to get things done’. I was given the honor to pick up our lunch spot, so without any hesitation I picked up Umai-Ya.


Nels is a friend who never fail to impress. Now that Nels successfully erased her uni life, I have much to adore about her. Her uni stories reach me whenever I made my annual visit to UTP, I mean, what’s not to talk about one of three best students in E&E Engineering who happened to be the one and only Malay girl, scored 3.94 for her CGPA? MPP some more… Petronas must be running after her like mad knowing she’s graduated.

We got ourselves updated, respective future plans, our overseas clans (out of 10 in our clique, Nels and I were the only two who remain in Malaysia- because we chose to reject studying abroad, yes this calls for a justification, thank you), personal thingies etc. for good two hours before we watched Alone later after.nels

Anyways, coming to highlight our discussion that evening, both of us had these two diverging ideas on post-graduation; climbing the Master ladder or gaining working experiences. Which one deserves better priority. If you were ask me, considering myself will be pulling off legs in the legal muds soon in Shaa Allah, I would say I belong to the latter team. Pursuing Master dream is good, but is it really necessary that skipping pupilage period seems okay? Not for me. I lived with people who build his glorious name as a well-established lawyer first thing first, and 6 years later when he really got nothing to do he enrolled for a Master degree. And I have to admit, his life, if not on par with Barack Obama, is definitely way better than people slaving their life in uni.

This residual taboo about being too ‘advanced in education’ inhibited us Malaysians. Life is not guaranteed trouble-free within uni-gates, or it guarantees a pocketful of ka-chings once we are out of it. Experience on the other hand is priceless, the abundance of satisfaction is far away more reaching. Life is about finding who we are before we mould who we wanna be.

But as you are reading this, please be reminded that I am still one of those people sitting on uni benches, juggling legal cases and my IMO writing above is limited to so-called legal jargons per se.


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