No Petrol is No Joke

Qeels volunteered to send me off to the airport since she decided not to attend clinical sesh yesterday’s evening. I was excited and worried at the same time. Excited ‘cause obviously it’s my bestfriend who chose me over her clinical (seeee med school sucks, I told you) and worried ‘cause both of us sucks in remembering roads and its components, our previous journeys will always, always include Waze even to Nasi Lemak Crispy. So please don’t sesat I was already late that time.

Since Qeels is a better map-reader, I took the drive from UM onward. By the time we started, I offered to refill the petrol. But my brilliant co-driver advised me not to and assured me with full confidence that there will be another petrol pump(s) along the way. Focus first, minyak banyak lagi. Said that girl. Half a bar is still a lot. Yeah.

WELL… IT’S OBVIOUSLY NOT!! Past-Bukit Jalil, the orange sign signifying it’s about time to refill the petrol is already up and there was not even a single sign of petrol pump along the way. Being me, I was less panic but Qeels quickly chose ‘fresh’ air over aircond. Although I do fancy the idea of countryside-feeling kinda getaway, looking at the view and enjoying the breezy air, I dislike any idea that makes me hot and sweaty. Oh yeaa do I need to mention the me already cursing her part?Haha. But I still assured her when we encountered a PLUS toll, there will be one petrol pump… Nada. There wasn’t any. (In case you are still wondering why, please make reference to line 4 para 1). My mouth opened in disbelief, face ashen..okay, now is a good time to be panic. Self-monologue. Still driving along the never-ending highway, we met one or two petrol-trucks so with no trace of kidding mens rea, I literally asked her should I stop the trucks and ask for generous liter of petrol -__-‘. Qeels objected, obviously and that prolongs our journey! Douchebag!

Thanks God, finally a small sign of 1.5km away petrol pump appeared magically alongside the road! Not the one that leads our way but requires us to divert a bit to Dengkil. 1.5km later, there you go, a majestic mansion in our eyes named Shell, standing still in a deserted, I-never-thought-I-will-be-here little town in Dengkil!


Alhamdulillah… Petrol refilled so I let Qeels to take the drive and journey continued.

Q : Good job babe! *hitting the dashboard of my car* Gila boleh survive half bar!

*giving her a daring stare, versus her grin*

Q: So… lesson learnt is…

“ISI MINYAK!!!” (Both of us simultaneously screamed the same thing bhahahha)

I safely arrived at KLIA on time, thanks to my extremely skillful driver. Foohh. Coming to think about it, I smiled to the back of my ear ‘cause never in my life I pray to have this kind of experience. At least not when I have a flight to catch. Qeels is crazy. But with this crazy woman, it worth to dive into sea of endless adventures together..

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

….but need to make sure the petrol tank is full first!


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