New Champ

2012. This was three years ago, captured when I was still an infant in national debating arena. When I firstly indulged into this world of serious critical thinking, creativity in playing with words, the skills to lie divert a truth. Back then it was me and my usual teammates, whom one of them is now undergoing pupilage period, snatching away the Champ title after a long drought of winning nothing in ASTAR debate.


2015. And now it’s our juniors’ time. The last time I posted about them, I begged for your prayers as the whole team was up for semi-finals. All praises to The Almighty, Allah prolonged their rezeki even up to the final stage. They ditched UIAM in the final stage, but I have to say you guys from UIAM served a stiff competition for my juniors. Really I’m impressed with them junior debaters from UIAM.




We sent three teams altogether in this seasons but luck wasn’t on the other two sides. Our juniors are super-talented, hardworking to max, but one still can’t deny battling in a debate tourney equates swimming in a big sea full of sharks. And it cannot be any truer that swimming in the big sea full of sharks is dangerous . But do not underestimate my juniors whose effort beats errrrthing else.

 I’m so much flattered with the credits given by the whole debate community since this team was my mentee. I’m even more, moreee grateful that this victory falls within my presidential tenure (but of course it is a combined effort of the our whole big debate fam). Nonetheless being overconfident and over-flattered with this little rezeki leads us to nowhere. There are more holes need to be covered with improvements and the thing you all need to pledge is never let comfort fills your heart. One will only meet success when he gets outta his comfort zone.

In the meantime, let’s call this for a celebration. We all deserve it.


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