While You Are Enjoying Your Holiday…

Oh hello there, didn’t notice your presence, if you may excuse me for a second..*closing Youtube tab playing Hozier’s for a lil while. Oh yes speaking of multi-tasking I am taking this ability of mine to the next level, quite impressed with my own self right now haha! Handling juniors in a debate tourney they are still undergoing, goofing around with them media people….umm don’t make me start the listing, skip! I may look good, or at least presentable in your eyes. Hmm hmm it’s really the natural beauty shining through.. *slowly hiding my Swiftie’s MAC RubyWoo and the Holy Grail Laura Mercier’s Silk Creme foundation…

In the midst of all these, I tried to find some times to fill the very little gap I have to blog, but I failed. Most of the time when I tried to blog it is always, always ended up like this…

photo 1

Should my neurones are triggering better while the debate is still subsisting, no?? Then why the contrary happens! iCreative.

Anywaysss, two more days to not breathe the tiring breath! Not complaining, after all it is always feels good to do something despite of nothing. I cannot emphasis enough how much of a sacrifice this was for me lol. (Trading one quarter of semester break with something closely related to academia stuffs is…forever a big deal). Debate for me is always a love-hate relationship but if you ask me if I can name 10 things that I find most entertaining it would surely includes debate. Oh God, what a nerd have I turned out to be! Anyhow, let’s leave behind my hopeless complaints. My juniors will be on the semi-finals tomorrow, oneeee more step to the grand finale stage! They said final stage is a curse, portraying not our best abilities, but semi-final is. Cannot agree more.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

May the force be with them tomorrow. Screw it, I loveee you guys! Though you made my hands itchy to slap people, or made my heart about to explode at times. I mean, WHO ON EARTH differentiates Constitutional amendments with invoking new provisions? Who on earth includes Sweden and United States of America within ASEAN’s radius? WHO??? *Googling suicidal chemicals*


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