My #1 Man’s Birthday

Today is my Dad’s birthday so exactly at 12am last night I video-called him to be the first ever person dropping him a birthday wish. The timing crossed his sleeping hour so I honestly don’t expect our conversation to be long and draggy. Thoughtful daughter, that’s how I roll.

But I still want him to think of me first thing first upon waking up being older than he was yesterday, so I sent him a loooooooong text message which I consider super-duper sweet. Sweetness that even me myself can cry a river on fifth or sixth reading, something so screen-capture worthy, framed on the wall for me to stare all day long!

Hahaha sad thing is, my dad does not belong to the sappy department so this is the only reply I received:


You are most welcome -___-‘

Albeit the ‘compact’ reply I am 100% confident that my words touched his heart. Well, daddy being daddy, expressing their true feeling is so meh, so odd but standing before the phone screen is a proud daddy with a big flowery heart. CONFIRM!

I am so gonna make you thank me next week when I return home. Happy 44th birthday handsome!


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