Wednesday Fix

Qeels finished her clinical earlier than expected today so we decided to go out and try a café raging madly on Instagram. Mira, the other skank crew remained silent when we asked for her current location, teased that we’re going to abduct her from her coursemates.  Finished with exams and forgot about us, blackflipper suits best -__-‘

Anyways, Qeels and I tried out the Owls Café located in Bukit Jalil. Will never reach there without Waze, so million many thanks to geniuses behind this apps!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Went to PJ afterwards to let my blue monster has its shower. When I asked the abang there they told me the price for cuci dalam and luar is now RM12. Innocent Not-so-smart me just nodded unthoughtfully, ‘till Qeels squelched my arms, reminded that these guys standing before me are obviously deceiving so don’t be fooled. RM10 means RM10, no ridiculous increment when 2014 just departed like a fortnight ago. Savior moment numero uno.

Just before we pulled ourselves out the gas station, Qeels asked me the last time I checked on my wheels’ pressures which you can expect a very disappointing answer from me. Bhahaha! The next thing I knew she put a long lecture on how to check on the pressure, how to refill ‘em while me doing what I do best…

photo 2 (10)

Sorry bestie but second best talent I flaunt after water sports is taking photos! Savior moment numero dos!

Love her enormous amount!


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