Final Paper Ended

 I sat for four papers this finals since the other three were wholly based on continuous assessment, and yesterday’s evening Commercial Transaction 1 marked the end of final season (at least for now). Within a fortnight I’ve been juggling my mental wish list of things I wished to do straight away from the exam hall, but little that I know those list are gone when I woke up this morning -__-‘

Planned with the Pau(s) to wear baju kurung on our last paper, something I truly hesitate to get along with! I mean, baju exam hall.. is like so tacky. Aren’t we taking misery to the next level? But you can’t let you eager friends down so just leaping into the bandwagon, and as far as I could recall I was mumbling “ish I harap diorang semua pakai baju kurung” or “susahnya bila semua pakat pakai baju kurung” just to let other people passing by knew I don kurung ‘cause it’s a mutual consensus. Bhahahaha I know, I know, what was I thinking…


Oh btw, Chuna seated next to me in the exam hall. I remembered when I was in the midst of finishing the compulsory question (40 marks like WTF) I caught a glimpse of her playing with her pen, starring blankly at the sheets. Not a pleasant view, no? My brain vortex squashed so hard trying to figure out a way to ask her “what’s wrong?” But roughly 5 minutes later when I’m done with the compulsory one, I heaved over to choose which optional question I should answer next.

Question 2, HARD.

Question 3,oh hard never mind there’s another one left.

Question 4, God this is is not easy either…


Question 2, What’s the issue here…transfer of property in goods? Not confident!

Question 3, Is this transfer of title? Nemo dat quod non habet? Ish don’t want!

Question 4: Discussing Consumer Protection Act, tendency to copy blatantly from the Act, no like!

10 minutes wasted. So…this is what’s keeping Chuna frozen! Bhahaha in your face Kia!

But in the end once I managed to decide on which question I wanna answer, everything was normal again.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Post exam meal: Berjaya Bangsar, no need to explain how good this place is! Watched Taken 3 too, after so long not sitting in the cinema hall! Oh God, freshly released from the cave or what…

That’s it! FIN! All that’s left is hitching on some loads of fun and…waiting for the result. Oh me no likey this part.


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