Equity and Sashimi

Remember when I declared to the whole world that I wasn’t going to any party (as if I’d ever attended one before pfft) on NYE? I wasn’t kidding guys, I was so warden-ish serious, had self-curfew for the sake of finals, the first paper to be exact, so guess my temporary hiatus to several worldly allures is rightfully justified! Bhahaha.

And today, the first checkpoint of final labyrinth, checked.

Was it good? Haha don’t make me cry a river now guys, I am so tempted to say everything went on pretty smoothly! Like ooh dear I got no problem at all solving the kacang peas questions but know what, most of us are all mourning so I decided to hop on the mainstream bandwagon together with the rest of my batchmates! In unity we stand, no? T.T *checking on the hashtag prayforequity on IG to see if by any chance the blues went on virally*

photo (11)

So living the state of melancholy, I knew exactly what I needed most.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

My oranje bestfriend. Suddenly everything makes sense again!

The sashimi pretty much relates to one of equitable maxims available; equity will not suffer a wrong to be without remedy, in its literal approach lah of course. Made flaws yet Allah still awarded some big fat sashimi for me to rejoice some confidence.

Okay lah, enough ramble. Rolling up sleeves for the next paper, clicking the pen twice now, adios!


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