Olla 2015!

Oh my God someone must pinch me on both cheeks, please remind me that it’s time to bid goodbye to our dearie 2014! Still in dismay, I am, though the huge part of me is getting really eager to fold the bygones, like a stubby kid welcoming New Year like no other!! And hmm perhaps sowing a punch in the nose too..a virtual reminder that I shall restrain myself from blogging at this crucial hour but oh mannn, hadn’t someone ever reminded  you that it’s kinda rude not to have a word or two when new year is coming thru?

So long, 2014! You’ve been one great year, glad that I survived.

I will be sitting for my first paper- Equity and Trust tomorrow. Real deal takes place very, very soon. Where are the fireworks, partying, hanging out sesh you ask me? Naaah girlfriend, such a mainstream idea! Apart from the whole Malaysians is still mourning reminiscing bits and pieces of several unlucky occurrences taking place throughout 2014, typical New Year’s celebration is so no oomph so I decided to celebrate mine…

photo (9)

On board. Yeah. Olla 2015!


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