Bringing Besties to Heaven

You know kids are the cutest little creature imported from the heaven, meant to kick our blues in the most unexpected way. Not a day in my life passed by monotonously without having me laughing to Syadiyah’s joke which she found no difficulty cracking a sincere one.

Last night she was playing with my cat when the memory of her 2-months missing little cat suddenly hit her neurons. So she asked me:

“Kak Long ingat lagi tak rupa Cipots?”


“Hmm adik tak. Adik ingat colour dia. Adik ingat bulu dia. Tapi adik dah tak ingat muka dia” *her teary eyes gone red.

Uh uh. Me no likey this conversation. By then I knew it was my obligation to divert such sappy conversation but I was struck with some random opinion that we shall clarify kids about the harsh realities in life. So I told her whether her cat is alive or not by now, she ought to accept the fact that it is gone. One day the cat might make her way back home, but if it doesn’t, it shall gladly await for my little sister right by the Jannah’s door. All in all, throughout her ‘nursing-the-kitty’ period, Syadiyah was a very loving temporary owner so God will surely rewards their reunion in the afterlife.

Listening to that, Syadiyah smiled.

“Adik akan jumpa Cipots di syurga. Boleh adik bawak Najwa? (her bestfriend)”

“Boleh! Najwa mesti suka”

“Yeayyy!” *hugging the comforting Kak Long*

After a while…

“Tapi Najwa asthma dengan bulu kucing! TAK PAYAH LAH”



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