Just a Virtual Album

I had one hour of Facetime sesh with my best friend Neeks living in Cardiff before the internet went cuckoo. At the current moment I am down with flu cum mild fever so when all these lovely people in my life are paying extra attention on me… I cannot help but to feel loved. Bhahaha I mean, my normal FT sesh with anyone will go ‘eh what do you want, 10 minutes already..’ but this time one hour is sooo not sufficient!

Anyways, while we were both updating life to each other, Neeks told me she’s going to London tomorrow, getting her Visa done cos she’s planning to take Morocco in the nearest time. Rude pal la this woman… London, Morocco? Hmmm sounds unappealing at all, it’s just like you’re telling me about Bangi or Putrajaya, bragging to me about PJ or Bangsar la la la… *eyes glimpsing fiercely at Senora Passport de Lonelynitas, screaming I hate you from the inside. What has she done so nicely in life that she deserved such traveling experience!!

K : Sooo nice! I hate your Instagram! (which is flooded with reaaaally nice pictures! Just name any city in Europe, she got it covered in her Instagram’s timeline)

N : I hate yours too! You always go makan sedap sedap one, I cook for myself here you know! Sad life! Oh wait a second, I need to look out for my chicken *rushed off to the kitchen checking on her grilled chicken*

After a few moments…

N : Keeks, Instagram is a lie. Mana ada someone who’s willing to upload the downside of their lives. People only see the beautiful places I visit but little that they know how tired I am, how broke I am to go there and take beautiful pictures…

This woman, she got a point! To certain extend, I can’t agree more with her! What about you? Do you share truth on your IG? IMO, unless you claimed others’ pictures as yours, you are actually sharing the truth about your life but not to the fullest extent. But naah it’s okay to do so girlfriends because come on… do we really need to share everything on that piece of social medium? Do we really need to keep others 24/7 updated with our life?



Leave that for you to ponder upon. As for me, whatever we share on Instagram will vary according to people’s personal interpretations. Some people only see the part where we go to fancy eating places and then easily conclude; WTF this brat has a killing lifestyle! Flipping the other side of the coin, Instagram might serve as clue provider but not THE window to one’s life nor a mirror which reflects the whole life belonging to someone isn’t it? Who knows I had ikan kembung for yesterday’s lunch when I don’t Instagram it!? Some will just scroll and scroll, and go…meh not giving a damn on our photos but some will seriously stalk down to where it began (is anyone named Nik Syakirah reading this bhahaha) finding for a clue to verify her/his personal hypothesis pertaining to our lives. It happens don’t you agree?

Hehe. So which side are you in? Hopefully more inclination towards the former 😉

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