A Week Ahead

Right now, I am 6 days away towards ending the study period for this semester. Everything will meet its final point very soon, which means I am halfway through my third year in law school! How time flies! But, attached to the great news is the not-so-great news; one semester’s getting shut meaning one big final exam is popping up…

Talking about final exam, I was, (note it guys, I was not I am) very determined to kick ‘em notes one months earlier. Since my first paper In Shaa Allah will be taking place on January 2, my calendar screams that I should be revising sharply on December 2. But I honestly think I am nowhere close to that…hahaha. Ain’t no procrastinator this time but cooperative lecturers decided to clump everything together, the usual setback to everyone no? Like, yesterday alone I have two assignments submission cum one test on Equity. Guess everyone is facing the similar uni situation where no one devoted a full-force study before the real study week says hello. Till that time,everyone around me is being drowning day by day with endless workloads, ached from tiredness that they constantly feel out from non-acads related works which if it was me I justly hesitated to put much emphasize on… the list could just go on forever you see!

But since yours truly is a very devoted fan of “all works and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, being a good girl for nothing is so not me. So after one crazy week I finally watched a movie last night (Gone Girl, dammmn good I highly recommend) and splurged on some impromptu shopping… I mean it’s kinda rude to pass by the therapeutic Zara without getting some treats, right?

And yaaay ahead of me is the not-so-awaited study week! To certain extend I honestly love study week. It’s the week when you have nothing to think or worry about except studies, studies and studies. Focus might go astray during normal periods, but not during study week unless you are one of the lazy kinds! No assignment submission, no test, no pop-quiz, no debate tournies, me lav!

Think we all might have the almost similar time-frame for uni schedule is it? All hardworking uni students in Malaysia are all gearing up for finals at this moment. Wishing you guys all the best too! Come on, virtual fist bumps for a rainbow-ish result this time and making our parents cry joyful tears! *dush*


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