A Nanny Now

In the midst of everything are so messily cluttering to each other, I couldn’t be in direr need of small small jovial things. Life right now is so mumbo-jumbo, grey and boring. Boregasm!

But today Mama texted me while I was in class, trying to focus on the lecture delivered in ‘critical’ hours:

“Kak long, Nono beranak”


Grinned from ear to ear! Oh Nono is my pet cat btw. Please, don’t judge the not-so-glamorous name because I assure you..ma girl is very pretty, very fatty, very fluffy! Miss her miss her! She is definitely a house cat who never stepped out of the door without having my shadow as her company. Emm,expect nothing less because having a clingy, super over-protective Mummy like me who doesn’t allow her girl to go wander out of the house, the news of one or two fetus actually occupied her belly (or uterus?) is quite a surprise. Like, when did she commit adultery (bhahaha) and who’s the bapak to her child!?

My family was all in great shock, because no one knows she was expecting! Little that I know, they were celebrating Nono’s success ‘delivery’ by having a fine dining outside tonight. Could judge their happiness miles away just through the other side of the line. Gags couldn’t be wayyy obvious. Everyone’s laughing that I wish I were there too. Excuse me but why is my vision getting blurrier? 😥

Anyway, little Syadiyah told me this just now;


Oh crap, I’m fine with this kinda joke, not feeling homesick at all…

….I wanna go home!


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