Marufuku Udon

I was a ramen person before I took an initiative to slurp world-most-tastiest udon when in Tokyo 5 months ago. The taste of original udon was sooo delicate to my tastebud that from the day onward I bid permanent goodbye to my ex-lover, Mr Ramen.

However, no matter how fancy Japanese outlets in Malaysia can grow, they can never serve plentiful of udon like in Tokyo. It is kinda sad to know that udon choices are quite limited here in Malaysia, so I often settled down with the same choice. But girlfriends lo and behold, frustrate no more cos I’ve discovered a not-so-new Japanese outlet here in KL, majoring in Udon Degree! Boom!

photo 2 (4) photo 1 (6)

Marufuku Udon is located in Jaya One, really nearby to UM and it’s not hard to find this outlet. Had my first try here with Arisya who is also an udon enthusiast last week and Arisya approved! The udon menu was so extended, not to mention the money-friendly part! I ordered something chicken-y, wasn’t so good to be honest because they were like splitting onions in my soup, whilst Arisya’s one is nicer. Should’ve ordered that one but I saw tempura in between the lines so I resisted. Anyways, the biggest downturn of this outlet is that it took ages to have our foods delivered. Believe it or not, we waited for one hour and half before the first slurp!

My overall verdict, I gave Marufuku 3-stars, minus the late serving part, everything else is fine by me.


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