I reached KL from UTP approximately at 9pm last night, been MIA in this hustle bustle city cos I am in charge of escorting my fellow juniors to UTP. They were on the run to be crowned CDM Debate 3.0’s champ. So yeah the very least I can do after a fortnight of depriving their sleeps is to ensure myself is physically present while they are battling.

Of course I have no complaints when it comes to my weekend being throbbed away just like that. I mean, the only days when I am actually able to wander around doing café hopping, window shopping but ended up max-ing my cash, hitting the cinemas even to watch movies I dislike, pampering self at the spa… really dude, pas de problème… NOT! To sadden it even further, Naily backflipped me as she went back to Klang on the same day I dozed off to UTP so I have no one to lepak with while I was in a town quite alien to me. Why lah I have rude people best friending me, hish!

Oh btw, darling juniors were crowned 1st Runner Up in the competition. Not bad ayy for first-timers?

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Anyways, the first thing I do when I hopped off the coaster, I went to Coffea Coffee to get some comforting food I can only salivary-imagine while in UTP. Told Azzairi how I’m gonna revenge my burnt out weekends. The shopping plan, the eating plan, the movie plan, even some minor study plan to quickly erase any ‘my girlfriend is such a bimbo with no future’ thought in him…tehee. To cut it short I told him my “I WANT MY NORMAL LIFE BACK” plan.

Come guys, any sensible woman will surely be expecting answer like “Nice one, I got your back girlfriend, let’s do this together!” But my extremely sensible man virtually knocks my head off with his short and killer words.

“Tak ada istilah normal life bila you ada tanggungjawab


I can’t help but was taken aback with his words. Hmm. Not so nice. I beg your indulgence but I chose to differ. For me it is not we are totally losing the normal life when we do have a responsibility vested upon our shoulders, it is just we are transforming from the old routine to a newer one and of course, everyone needs some times to adapt. Losing the normal life sounds so harsh and makes you more or less a boring person and I am definitely not that kind of person…or am I? Upon the transformation we all have to accept the fact that yoo..this is my new normal life. More works, less fun. But fun is fun, never lose this one element cause..remember all works and no play makes Jack a dull boy? Teeehehe. After all, the feeling of being productive on beneficial things is always, always a better feeling than shaking legs doing nothing and in some way makes you appreciate your leisure time more than anything else in this world. Guess it goes without saying,huh?

For me I would rather seize every single moment I have in life, because if not me then who?


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