No idea to express this into words but ummm I’ve turned 22 last Thursday. I won’t lie, I am always a forestalling person when it comes to my birthday. 12 or 22, birthday come to mama please! Coming to think about 13th November alone is sufficient to get me a sudden chill, impulsive current of excitement that electrifies my nerve. Beautiful feeling that I only stand the chance to feel only once in a year.

So the morning of my birthday, I thought I was going to wake up exquisitely smiling and grinning ear to ear feeling awesome and 22.

Instead, I got woken up by constant struggle to keep the rude alarm silent and rushing to the shower, totally ignoring the sweet birthday messages that people sent me. I have Company Law presentation that morning, and classes from 10-7pm. Crap!

But of course birthday girl gotta do what she does best. Yep, skipped two classes that day and went to Gardens with Mimi hunting for my birthday top. Totally random but I need some physical evidence to mark my first 22 year old purchase. Teeheee. Then attended classes as per usual.

So, half of my day was gone that way and when I returned to my room, I switched the birthday girl mode on. The real deal began from that moment. Though the first celebration was held in time but still in an overall context, everyone was so busy on my birthday, including Azzairi who rudely worked on my most important day of the year! (I DEFINITELY NEED TO HAVE A WORD OR TWO WITH HIS CEO). But  Thanks God I have world nicest friends who compensated the bad luck with birthday treats days after which I’ll write about if I do have some free time. *finger-crossed*

That’s a wrap of me being 22 (though I found no point of me explaining in a great detail what celebrations I had on my birthday). But I just feel the need to express my gratitude to each of you especially my families and friends who made the effort of throwing me treats, wishing me Happy Birthday on social mediums, plus 10 points for those who gave me personal messages, another 10 points for those who serenaded me and another 10 points for showering me with presiesss me lavv! Thanks guys! I pray that Allah SWT will forever bless us, shielding us beneath His blessings and grants us his highest Jannah in the Hereafter.




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