Friday Night

There are just some days in our lives when we halted over fancy foods, refused to go out and see the world, hesitated to deal the hassle verge of life, what else to be all dolled up because well, let’s just admit it we are one of those people who actually care about how do the public perceive us, meh.

Right now, what sounds brilliant is something like laying back in our comfiest cotton apparels, munch on comfy foods and do relaxing stuffs on bed.

That’s what I am dealing with right now. Been pulling my legs, sweating my armpits for bunch of productive issues this week; assignment due dates, debate training prepping the juniors for an upcoming tournie, boring stuffs to deal with the authority yada yada. So now, it’s cheap payback time.

I’m in my comfiest pajama, socks wrapping my legs ‘cause the night cold is sneaking into my veins, sipping my hot Milo, slurping the goodness no mom approves- instant noodle, and… warming up for some movie-in-bed time. Watching Addicted tonight. Uuuu so many hot guys appearing before me, might as well need to wipe the steaming hotness blurring my laptop’s screen bhahaha! Please don’t tell my mom, she’ll be gladly pulling my ears to see me watching the not so senonoh genre like this!

Ahhhh my much needed good time. Have a good weekend guys!


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