No girl hates beauty products. Not fully interested, maybe yes. Not addicted, maybe yes. But never ever hate, and if she does I’m 100% positive there’s something wrong with her. Being a girl I am, I think I am positioned more towards the love part especially for bath and body products. Lotions, body butters, moisturizers, scrubs, hand creams…ohhh my genuine affection!

photo (5)

Anyways, recently I got myself this Ralph Lauren Romance sensual body moisturizer. Fancy name for body lotion, if you are wondering but functions way similar to the ordinary ones. I hesitated the strong smell at first, it’s quite similar to my Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter (which costs me only MYR19.90!) plus the packaging is way too formal, me no likey! So not glamorous just like the ones placed in hotels…you know.

BUT..I’ve no idea why it reached my hands in the end of the day. Little that I know, it smells quite heavenly after I got used to it, the type I could switch simultaneously with few bottles in my collections. Overall in my humble verdict, this lotion is doing a fair job only that the strong smell doesn’t blend well with daily wear. Might suits best for a night out.


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