Life Balance

Whenever someone shoved me question LIKE, “how can life be so perfect” I really feel like bursting my teary laugh till sakit perut and in a silent reply only myself can hear: HOW I WISH! Seriously, when people ask me how do I juggle between law school and social life (and sometimes the debating part) my honest answer would be: just go all out in every single bit of it. Play hard but study harder!

But it’s nice to share something boosting with you guys. Let me take you up my helicopter view on how I perceive a balanced life, how I think I can achieve one.

First of all, quality over quantity. Do few things but go kick-ass with it. Throughout my uni life, I’ve encountered lotsa people who were so enthusiastic (in my dictionary ‘confused’ suits better) to try everything out. Debate want, politic want, chess want, mak yong dance want, lion dance want, tennis want, football want, nasyeed want, this project want, that project also want. SERIOUSLY, WHAT DO YOU WANT!? Everyone hail an all-rounder, kudos if you could be one but so far I’ve met none. All that I’ve met are confused, gung-ho people who chased for a reserve spot in almost everything but ended up being nothing. Believe me, you could only do anything once you stop trying to do everything.

Coming down when you are fully aware of what you are doing, please note that not everything is meant to be equally important. Draw a line distinguishing what is important at the right mo and what is not. Learn how to prioritize, for example if something is damn urgent then settle it down immediately with attention paid to the very detail. If something is important but not so urgent then decide when you will do it. If it is not important, put it on the last trail but never forget to pick it up later.

Foohhh, like a good girl lah cakap all these positive platitudes. Come on girlfriends, loosen up a bit. All works and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Here comes the final point, always bear in mind that after so much hardwork invested in one particular aspect, after sweating pile of productive sweat, be prepared with some sort of self-reward you rightfully deserve 😀 That’s what I exactly do, study remains number one but those new clothing ranges in mall screaming for attention…meh which girl can ever resist? Boyfriend’s feeling generous to buy you dinner? IT’S RUDE TO TURN DOWN GOOD OFFERS, DO I NEED TO MENTION?

But at this current moment, as positive as I am writing this, I’m riding the mumbo-jumbo part on my wheel of life. Assignments are taking the front line so it’s quite easy to find myself off balance right now, that explains why I’m here hitting this black keyboard hehe.

photo 1 (3)

 …while having my very late dinner. So not glamorous.

Anyhow, joke aside guys. Tapau-ed foods are so not my preference so when I do face this kind of situation, you could tell how deeply indulged I am into my works right now.


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