Year Three

He decided to brought me to The Majestic Hotel for a dinner which I loathed at first thinking my initial desire for Japanese foods is not being fulfilled. It is hard to be the one who loves foods alien to the taste buds of the other in a relationship. Like come on, how can one hates the good o sashimi, hehhh!?

Anyways the place he brought me to was no shrinking violet. The ambience was good and quite romantic for couples who wished to talk the puke worthy talk all night long. And yeayy got Japanese kitchen also so I shall complain not. It was a buffet dinner, quite burning a hole in his wallet considering the little foods I consumed, well thanks to my tummy for being on its minimum capacity. On top of that I guess Azzairi learnt his lesson from last year’s anni; me and flower are no go so no need to spend money on roses that will soon departs to Jannah in two days. However let it remains a secret between us both as to what he gave me this year, hehe.

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Haih dude i cannot believe it that we made it through this looong period. Am not gonna compliment you publicly here and make my readers wiping puke off their screens but allow me to share a dialogue we once had while enjoying gelatos under the brights sun, nearby the beach (read: sharing the 5-ringgit nasi lemak bumbung tepi longkang)

He : What made you stay this long with me?

She : You are different from the other goons (trying to depart from the dangerous and much avoided ex boyfriends topic). You are matured, sensible…

He: No I am not. It is you yourself, you are in a relationship at the right time for the right reason.

Hit me like a brick wall.

Realizing yours truly is very hard to please, demands a lot, sometimes impish, those infinity bad traits, I think such tips hits the correct box rightfully no? How can you desire to be with someone if not for a long-term goal? My old self, do you wish to answer this? Hehe

Happy third anni, my man.


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