The Ugly Truth About Beauty

Just a quick sharing on what I learned in English class today. Definitely an eye opener at least for the very few of us who attended the class. Basically, our talks really went astray from topic to topic but the gist of what we were talking about this evening was beauty.

So here goes…

1. Beauty is just skin deep. You can fall in love with beautiful-looking individual how many times in your life but at as it fades, what remains is whatever you are having deep inside your heart.

2. People remember us for our deeds, for what we do rather than how we look.

3. And because of rule number 2, we must always be our own self. Changing who we are just to please others will never meet a definite end.

4. Crushing over beautiful/ handsome person is really tiring as competition takes place. And surprisingly, she told us guys dislike competing! (Someone please verify this!)

5. When we are done competing and say, succeeded then for real, what do we get? Re-read rule number 1.

6. Scary truth about cosmetic surgery is we are actually producing clones. Imagine flipping through a nose job catalogue, five people picked up the same ‘design’ and having it done by the same surgeon…

7. Grow old gracefully. There’s nothing to be afraid of with aging because physical beauty is meant to fade away. Again, rule number 1 applies.

8. Remember the case when a husband intended to sue his ex-wife for their not-so-pretty children, blamed her for keeping her previous cosmetic surgeries a secret? Well the wife could smartly reply “It’s okay darling when the kids grow up we will fix them too by undergoing surgeries. Now you decide which part you wanna alter?” Ha ha ha!

9. Thinking of finding your future zauj? Meet her earliest in the morning, her true face cannot be hidden away.

10. And lastly, Shawn (our classmate) is having a really nice jawline crazed over by most Korean actors so he must be having some sort of Korean traits in his blood… JK!


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