Second Layer

Today unfolds the second layer of this semester, yet my heart still longing for the much needed holiday I think I just got over with. But one cannot live too long with holidays, things aren’t moving nowhere so the logic is obvious; long holiday = unfinished works.

Since the merry ‘jet-lagged’ mode is still activated, I don’t expect myself to be super productive today and a wee bit of warming up is much needed. So any idea sounding like digesting Company Law slash Equity slash Commercial Transaction slash Project Paper is too ambitious no? Thankfully, Monday is all about Costume Designing class (guys, I swear everyone should be enrolling this class, super aweeesome but get ready to fight the virtual queue. Capacity is super limited!).

After waking up to the bright sun and a good Fitness breakfast I prepared myself, recognizing that for a moment I’m living life as a normal human being again, I attended the much looking-forward class. I learned how to design a traditional mak yong’s headgear and my progress was pretty swift, at least for a raw, completely amateur costume designer! Can’t wait to accessorize my headgear with beads and all next week 😀

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

And oh, if you are one concern netizen, I mean the one who take the initiative to scroll down Twitter timelines 24/7 you might as well be acknowledged that DSAI paid a visit to this uni today. Quite a few hours ago actually but since chaos is not really my favor, I ended up having dinner and watched the not-so-awesome Ouija in The Curve, despite the lock up order been rolling that time.

My who cares trait again. But what can I say, students’ immature politic thingy is not really my cup of tea, not really where my abundance of interest lies. I mean, which sane people on Earth would substitute the title of ‘uni student’ with a blurry future when what lies ahead in the pathway is yet too unclear to be seen. Judge as you please but my logic generator still regards this as stupidity. Temporary hails (only by people who apparently in the same boat) define nothing, remember that respect is earned not given. The act of troubling people is nothing close to earning respects.

Till then, bed’s calling. *yawn*


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