Potato Gratin

Upon the aftermath of my success baking story one point o, which was roughly two days ago, I cannot be any more fervent to get my hands on the baking glove, throwing a more dramatic tantrum in the kitchen, and most importantly I cannot wait to see the beautiful smiles curved by my parents, sisters and brother! What can I say, seasonal baking is verrry addictive!

As if intermezzo has no existence in my life dictionary, I decided to roll on my sleeves and put on my apron again yesterday. I was looking almost glamorous I tell ya, the only thing missing was the ceiling-height chef hat or whatevs do you people call them. My mission yesterday was to bake potato gratin for tea. And I made it successfully, without any help!!!

Ok fine, maybe Mama helped me a little bit cutting the potatoes…

And arranging them simultaneously with Holland’s onion while I was making the sauce…

And…maybe just a wee bit of helping hand to stir the sauce. It was damn clueless okay I needed help with this pfft!

Okayyyy okayyy I admit it my dad was the one who watched over the oven (that’s because he never believed me to work with heat)

But hello I was the one who came up with the idea to bake, and apparently the one who took the best Instagram-able shot so that contributed a lot, no?

Whatever. To my future husband who will read this probably next year after so much force inflicted, just so you know I’m still demanding an upgraded hantaran value, period.

p/s I was running out of mozzarella cheese and opted for cheddar cheese per se. It would have been better and prettier to spread mozzarella on top!


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