Victoria Sandwich

Flipping eggs in a pan, mixing flour with eggs, chopping off veges, are not really my fortes. It’s a crystal-clear known fact that I am not good in kitchen, nor did I fell in love with. Sorry, future husband, I am giving you an early visionary of us both coming back from work with tapau-ed Nando’s or an early sign that bibik is a for-God’s-sake-you-will-need-one necessity, whichever pleases you better teehee 😛

Somehow yesterday I was bitten by a wifey-gene-cooking bug (baking to be specific) and out of nowhere came up with the idea to bake! Surprisingly, not just an ordinary main masak-masak cake but the classic Victoria Sandwich that has been on my ‘craved but not yet fulfilled’ list. So, off to the kitchen I go! Technically, to the computer desk first to Google any decent recipe.

It wasn’t a smooth journey, mind you. The challenges I faced aint nothing close to simplicity:

I spilled half portion of the custor sugar on the floor!

I have no idea on how to cut the damn kiwis, Mama demonstrated one, but the rest of them were my ‘original handcrafted’ thus explains the uneven slices.

Liquid-ish whipping cream??? How do I turn this to the one they use on Starbucks’ frappe? Whatsapp-ed few girlfriends for step-by-step explanation.

After three hours *blushing* of struggles, ladies and gentlemen may I present you my Michelin Star’s victoria sandwich cake!!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Don’t you dare commenting on the GORGEOUS dressing. Know what? It’s gone in a blink of eyes. Delectable? 100% VERIFIED!

Come on, for a first timer it is a flip-apron worthy! 😉


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