Graduation Day 2014

I have always looked up for graduation day. One annual moment when I feel everything is so surreal, so satisfying because that would be time when we present our years of efforts to mom and dad, like ‘here Mummy Daddy, sure a mere scroll couldn’t equate your infinite investment but I believe your priceless delight gotta be vested somewhere in here so take it!’

And yes, yesterday was the day! A few important people in my life hop on the graduation bandwagon- My debate teammate Adie, my debate senior Arief, my buddy Ainin and several number of close seniors. Albeit the contentment I was a bit emotional especially when I have to swallow the fact that my debate teammate won’t be next to me any longer in any tourney. When I looked at Adie, the joy reflected through his eyes had the bright glittering expression of a praying mantis, a knack for producing virtual emotional statements or sentences that had the same effect as needles on my skin. Painful but what can I do! UM’s so mean for not cancelling his graduation. Pfft.

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Each and every year this same exact feeling will come paying me a rotating visit. The feeling of cannot wait for my own turn. Seeing my stylish seniors beneath the big blue robes, I cannot help but to question myself-  What am I gonna wear on my own graduation day? What shoes will I don? What color matches the blue robe? 😛 Ahhh too butterfly-ish even to contemplate!

Come on Keeks, ain’t no journey’s too long! *cracking knuckles*


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