Two Hours of Chaos

Right now at the moment I am still jetlagged ( 😛 ) from my overhauled debate scheduled, and trying my very best to fit in my usual daily routine. Tournament schedule is rather hectic than the usual ones, I assure you it drains physical energy to the bottom-est level, emotional stealer if winning is not the end of the story, and above all it exhausts us mentally.

This morning as much as I hope to wake up to chirping birdies, have a mug of hot Milo while flipping through upcoming lecture notes, Tove Lo entertaining my eardrums, I know I must learn to accept the reality; those won’t happen especially when my energy is about to be reloaded.

Woke up with a rolling eyeballs, shocked to see minutes displayed on my phone screen- 10 minutes before class! Damnn it I rushed into the shower, grabbed whatever outfit that seems appropriate and rushed to the faculty. No no, no Milo nor Tove Lo.

My first class this morning was equity tutorial with Dr Usha who is known for her punctuality, strictness in examining even to every details of your tutorial answer sheets. I prepared her tutorial Qs up to 2am the night before, and even browsing through Lexis Nexis throughout the class to re-read cases I found very hard to digest. Actually, I was tasked to do the part but since everyone was taking too long time explaining before my time came, Dr Usha decided to stop and to continue with my part next week. I was like, hell I prepared this 10-pages answer transcript till I got a Chanel 2.5 underneath my eyes and within a blink nano-second you just discarded my part? Dissatisfied, and unleashed my inner kiasu-ness I went to her and shoved her my transcript (because she marks our participation in tutorial class based on how perfect your answer transcript is lol). And all of sudden my dissatisfaction just vanished away when she put quite a remarkable mark on it and yooo, ada mother care if that it’s irritating janji my sleepless night got paid off! Bhahaha!

Next was commercial transaction class, zero preparation I tell ya. This tutor of mine is extremely lenient, just ensure you showed up in his class then angel is guaranteed to be by your side. Happily, I walked in his class to know that there’s a probability for me to do a presentation on warranty and condition, if the group before me is not showing up or finishes earlier in time. OooomyGod, I must have done something bad in life that I deserve such bad luck. The group before me was 15-minutes late but I told him “I texted them and they said they are otw, they really wanna present first” when actually hello, I don’t even have my colleagues’ numbers. Guilty as charged, but I need to save up myself first! Luckily, they showed up and presented for 15 minutes. Well well, another half an hour to go, I need to ask them a pail of Qs so hmm guess who irritates her classmates during QnA? Is anyone named Shira reading this? Sorry girl! But God is fair, on the last 10 minutes my lecturer asked me to present jugak, thought he might sense my cheesy-ness back then lol. As I was ready to explain to him I have no slides prepared or anything such, Arisya came in like a Thor rescuing little Black Widow with everything prepared and all I need to do is to read up. She’s my partner for this class anyway. There you go, silky smooth presentation, must buy lunch for Arisya.

Phew. Twas a long ramble. Actually I missed doing this, I miss ranting on my little daily doings which I know might not have any heavy weightage on making this blog more interesting. But whatevs, keeping my life on virtual track is one of the main purposes. I learnt my lessons, be prepared for any possibilities in class yada yada yada… or maybe to bring pendrive anytime, anywhere. Ctrl + C / V is the key.


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